This RiRi/Jay Z LIE almost RUINED Jay Z and Beyonce FOREVER!


Are you kidding me right now!? this LIE almost ruined Jay Z and Beyonce forever!

Remember back when Rihanna FIRST came out..there was a rumor that she an Jay Z were hooking up?!

Well, her former publicist Jonathan Hay told Inside Edition that it was ALL a lie told by HIM…in order to BOOST sales for RiRi’s song at that moment “Pon de Replay.”

He said “I was desperate at the time because I wanted to have a hit record. I apologized to Beyonce. This whole thing is very awkward.” At the time, Beyonce broke up with Jay Z for a YEAR because of that rumor. Though it was a MESSED UP LIE/RUMOR…clearly it worked because RIRI blew up!

Photo: Instagram


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