Is Ice-T & Coco’s baby girl Chanel being EXPLOITED!?!

baby coco

The baby has been born for 1 week, and there’s 10 pics (in a row) of her on Instagram.

Is that too many!?

Talking about Ice-T​ and Coco​’s baby girl Chanel (who is a total doll by the way!)

Some people have been commenting that she’s EXPLOITING her baby. Example ->

“Coco darling, don’t exploit your newborn beautiful lil’ angel.” Coco wrote back, “How is this exploiting her? I’m proud that I’m finally a mama…does she not look happy?”

Do you think posting 10 pics in a row (in one week of the baby’s life) is too much?? Is she EXPLOITING her baby?

ice t


#MagicAndDee #DeeGarciaRadio

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