DeeGarciaRadio: New Details Emerge About FIGHT Between Brad Pitt & His Son Maddox


NO NO NO!!!! TMZ reported details on the alleged attack between Brad Pitt and his son Maddox.
Here’s what’s alleged: shortly after their private jet left France on route to L.A. Brad and Angelina Jolie started arguing.
Their oldest son Maddox, 15, jumped in to verbally defend his mom. That’s when Brad LUNGED at him. Angelina jumped between them to block Brad, but some contact between Maddox and Brad DID take place.
There’s a few different variations: one where Maddox was acting up on the plane, one where the contact between Brad and Maddox was an ACCIDENT, and what’s not certain is whether Brad was drunk at the time.
Authorities were told Brad was drunk at the time of the incident, but Angelina says he was sober and GOT drunk later in the flight.
Brad has denied there was any abuse, but sources connected to him acknowledge there was an incident on the plane.
A source also shared that Brad had NEVER been aggressive with the kids, and this was a DEAL BREAKER for Angie.
This is just CRAZY!
Thoughts on the details?
– Dee Garcia
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