Taylor Swift TRASHED A Hotel Room In London :-O


Taylor Swift TRASHED a $2500 a night hotel room in London! :-O

Let’s just call her a rockstar now!

Of course, it was for the “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” music video.

She and Zayn filmed some pretty crazy scenes–he ripped up pillows and smashed lamps, while TAYLOR set the curtains on fire!

They actually had to shut off the smoke alarms for the shots!

They’re saying the video will be pretty steamy–which makes SENSE, since it’s for the Fifty Shades Darker movie.

Can’t wait to see it!

– Dee Garcia

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Published by Dee Garcia

Dee Garcia grew up in South Texas in a tight knit family of five. Your typical Girls-Girl, Dee loves shopping, shoes, purses, home decor, fluffy "chick lit," Scandal, and her dogs! Dee knew she wanted to do something a bit different with her life. She was always a music and radio lover and in 2007, she became the Morning Show Co-Host at KBFM Wild 104. After falling in love with radio and graduating from college in 2009, Dee moved to Boise, Idaho for a chance to work at KWYD Wild 101; in 2011 she moved across the country yet again to do afternoons on WWKX Hot 106 in Rhode Island. Finally in 2012, she moved to Phoenix where she began to work on KEXX My 103.9. In August, 2013 Dee began her role as Morning Show Co-Host on Power 98.3. An Arizonian at heart, Dee is ecstatic to be doing what she loves--morning radio--in an amazing city. Dee not only brings a vibrant, positive, and sassy personality to the Gello and Dee in the Morning Show, she prides herself in being engaging, humorous, vocal, topical and relatable.

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