Nordstrom Cuts Ties With Ivanka Trump


Nordstrom has decided to cut ties with the Ivanka Trump line.

The line launched in 2007 and they have carried her items, predominantly her SHOES since then.

Nordy said they “make buying decisions based on performance. In this case, based on the brand’s performance, we’ve decided not to buy it this season.”

As of now, there are only a handful (less than 5) Ivanka items available online.

A Spokesperson said this is NOT a political statement, however this is coming after a #GrabYourWallet campaign where people boycotted products with ties to President Trump, his family and donors.

Thoughts on their decision to cut ties? Do you really think this ISN’T political?


One thought on “Nordstrom Cuts Ties With Ivanka Trump”

  1. It’s political in the sense that buying choices by consumers can be political. Some consumers want to reward companies for their views and practices, or avoid others whose views and practices they disagree with. Other consumers don’t care, and buy for other reasons like price point or convenience. But the action by Nordstroms is just a bottom line decision. The line isn’t selling, so it’s out. The store chain doesn’t care why it isn’t selling, and has no obligation to prop up a failing brand, no matter why it fails.

    Ivanka Trump could have distanced herself from high-profile involvement in her father’s policy-making process. Instead, she advocated for issues and was active in the campaign. This strengthened the public perception that the Trumps want to be allowed to simultaneously govern AND do big business. Part of the public will perceive this as unfair advantage, and will penalize her brand. These are the ethical conflict-of-interest issues the Trumps refuse to face head on.

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