Nick Viall Is Engaged To Vanessa Grimlaldi!

So last night was the season finale of The Bachelor—and Nick Viall made his choice: Vanessa Grimaldi.

Honestly, she was his choice from the start. There was definitely an undeniable connection from their VERY FIRST DATE. I actually felt pretty bad for poor Raven-she really thought she stood a chance.

Raven, at just 25, seemed SO young to me…not just by age, but maturity. She is adorable and fun loving, but didn’t come across like a WOMAN ready to marry Nick.

The show tried to pull the “oh no! is Vanessa going to SAY NO to Nick?” thing…but as SOON as Nick started to open up to her about his feelings, she was a puddle of emotion.

It was a very sweet moment.

Interestingly, he said there was several moments he ‘tried to fight’ falling in love with her–and it’s clear WHY! She’s one tough cookie. She shut him down NUMEROUS times throughout the season for flirting with Corinne, constantly needed reassurance and was KNOWN for her tears, and resting b*ch face.

During the After the Final Rose special, things seemed a little tense. They both opened up about the difficulties they have faced as a couple since wrapping–so they aren’t PRETENDING to be in a honeymoon everything is perfect phase.

I’m not sure if that means that this relationship is already dead in the water, or if they’re just realists. One thing’s for sure, if she doesn’t decide to leave Canada–they’re toast.
Poor little Raven would have dropped her whole world to do whatever Nick wanted….but as always, men never go the easy route.

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