About Dee

DEE’s Talents, Hobbies, & Radio

Dee Garcia grew up in South Texas in a tight-knit family of five. Your typical Girl’s Girl, Dee loves shopping, home decor, Game of Thrones,  chick-lit, pizza, T.G.I.T. and her three dogs Harley, Ari and Nina.

Dee is also obsessed with The Bachelor, mani/pedis, and pop culture. She loves to be up to date with celebrity gossip and the latest beauty trends (thanks PINTEREST!)

A true believer that the world is large and worth seeing, Dee enjoys hopping on a plane and visiting new countries as much as possible. In the valley, Dee is a fan of hiking, taking advantage of the hot summers with Margaritas, and always worries about getting a noise complaint for her incessant need to sing karaoke.

With ten years of radio experience under her belt, Dee’s passion for radio has taken her from Texas to Idaho, Rhode Island and Arizona.

You can catch her on the air Monday-Friday 5:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on 94.5 KOOL FM in Phoenix.

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