Dee Garcia grew up in South Texas in a tight-knit family of five. Your typical Girl’s Girl, Dee loves shopping, home decor, Game of Thrones,  chick-lit, pizza, T.G.I.T. and her three dogs Harley, Ari and Nina.

Dee is also obsessed with The Bachelor, mani/pedis, and pop culture. She loves to be up to date with celebrity gossip and the latest beauty trends (i.e. dry shampoo FOAM, ask about it.)

A true believer that the world is large and worth seeing, Dee enjoys hopping on a plane and visiting new countries as much as possible. In the valley, Dee is a fan of hiking, taking advantage of the hot summers with Margaritas, and always worries about getting a noise complaint for her incessant need to sing karaoke.

Dee’s passion for radio has taken her from Texas to Idaho, Rhode Island and finally Arizona. With ten years of on-air experience under her belt, her true love is morning radio and she is beyond excited to speak to Arizona on the Smasher & Dee In The Morning show.

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  1. Wow Mike! Thank you so much for reaching out. Cool to know there’s other McAllen-ites out here in Phoenix. So cool that my story could make you think of home!!!! I was born and raised there so it will always have a place in my heart! You’re right though…not many people leave. My mom always taught us to dream big though! And I’m glad and blessed to say I’m proud of where I am and hope I go even further!!! Thank you so much for listening to power ❤️ -Dee

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