Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations

Well, we can’t say EVERYONE was happy for Casey Affleck when he won the Best Actor #OSCAR on Sunday. Back in 2010, he was involved in a lawsuit filed by two women that claimed he sexually harassed them while they worked with him on the set of the movie “I’m Still Here.” He spoke outContinue reading “Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations”

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down the La La Land/Moonlight Mixup!

Two days later and everyone is STILL talking about the huge blunder at the Oscars when “La La Land” was announced as the Best Picture winner….when in fact “MOONLIGHT” won. Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel broke down everything that happened on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night: “In case you missed it, Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway—itContinue reading “Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down the La La Land/Moonlight Mixup!”

Brie Larson Didn’t Clap for Casey Affleck-This Is Why.

Well, this is definitely awkward. Last year, Brie Larson won the Best Actress Academy Award for her performance in Room. She played a woman who was kidnapped, raped and held captive for years. Brie is an activist when it comes to sexual assault/sexual violence victims…so it was BEYOND awkward when she had to present CaseyContinue reading “Brie Larson Didn’t Clap for Casey Affleck-This Is Why.”

Ryan & Emma are NOT Performing At The Oscars! #BOO

Well THAT’S disappointing!!!! La La Land has TWO songs up for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards: “City of Stars” and “Audition” USUALLY, the artist that sings best original song performs it at the Oscars….but Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will not be performing. I’m hoping they’re saying they AREN’T doing it, so weContinue reading “Ryan & Emma are NOT Performing At The Oscars! #BOO”

Oscar Nominations Are OUT! Who Made The Cut?

Let’s go through the big ones!!! Best Picture: Arrival Hacksaw Ridge Hidden Figures Lion Moonight Fences Hell or High Water La La Land Manchester By The Sea Best Actress: Isabelle Ruppert Ruth Negga Natalie Portman Emma Stone Meryl Streep By the Way, this is Meryl’s 20th Academy Award Nomination! Best Actor: Casey Affleck Andrew GarfieldContinue reading “Oscar Nominations Are OUT! Who Made The Cut?”