Pharrell & His Wife Helen Welcome Their Triplets!

Congratulations to Pharrell Williams and his wife Helen! They welcomed their triplets earlier this month. His rep released a statement saying: “Pharrell, Helen and Rocket Williams have welcomed triplets. The family is happy and healthy!” #SmasherAndDee #PharrellWilliams #Pharrell #DeesDirt #DeeGarciaRadio

Kesha Testified Under Oath that Dr. Luke Did NOT Rape Her!

Well that’s problematic, Kesha. TMZ found video footage from 2011 where Kesha denies UNDER OATH that Dr. Luke drugged and raped her. Her own lawyer said she LIED on the stand because Luke threatened to destroy her life if she didn’t cover up his sexual assault. “This guy is nothing more than his generation’s BillContinue reading “Kesha Testified Under Oath that Dr. Luke Did NOT Rape Her!”