The Weeknd Disses Bieber In New Song!

Justin Bieber has been acting PRETTY PETTY since his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez moved on to The Weeknd. Now, I guess it’s time for something petty from the other side? The Weeknd hadn’t responded to ANY of #Bieber ‘s disses….guess he was waiting to do it in song. He released new music “Some Way” along withContinue reading “The Weeknd Disses Bieber In New Song!”

DeeGarciaRadio: Justin Bieber Tells Fans “They Suck” #Rude

How rude is THIS!?!? Justin Bieber doesn’t seem to be enjoying the European leg of his tour. First, he got attacked at a bar in Germany after accidentally bumping into a dude. NOW, he tells fans “you guys suck!” When they’re excited to MEET HIM!? that’s not cool, bieber. Check out the video here: –Continue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Justin Bieber Tells Fans “They Suck” #Rude”

Justin Bieber Helps a Woman After a Hit-and-Run!

News flash: Justin Bieber has done something selfless! Apparently Justin Bieber was bar hopping in LA when he stopped to help a woman who was a victim of a hit-and-run!!!! Footage caught him and his crew helping the lady out of the street. Of course, paparazzi being paparazzi–they continued filming. Biebs told the videographer: “Sir,Continue reading “Justin Bieber Helps a Woman After a Hit-and-Run!”

Justin Bieber is NOT impressed with his Package!

Soooo a bunch of people were talking about how “well endowed” Justin Bieber was after those nudies! Guess who was NOT impressed though? HIM!! He said he was suffering from shrinkage!He said it during an interview on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD that will air today. He also said the whole thing left him feeling a little violated.Continue reading “Justin Bieber is NOT impressed with his Package!”