Will Beyonce Be In Disney’s Remake of “The Lion King?!”

Get ready, Beyhive!!!! THIS WOULD BE INCREDIBLE. I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Disney is releasing a live-action version of “The Lion King.” The company has been having incredible success with these remakes, including their most recent release “Beauty & the Beast,” which surpassed the original animated version’s entire lifetime gross of $218.9 million.Continue reading “Will Beyonce Be In Disney’s Remake of “The Lion King?!””

Beyonce Makes A Teen Girl’s Last Wish Come True <3

This is WHY Beyonce is #QueenBey !!!! She made a cancer patient from Houston named Ebony Bank’s dream a reality after her family and friends started a social media campaign: #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE Beyonce caught wind of the campaign and actually FACETIMED with Ebony. Check out the video here: Beyoncé facetiming with Ebony, a fan with aContinue reading “Beyonce Makes A Teen Girl’s Last Wish Come True <3”

Heather Morris’ Casting Causing Uproar For DWTS

One of the cast members for this upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars is causing a bit of an uproar! We’re talking about Heather Morris (Glee actress)–from Glee. She was announced as a cast members–but some people think it’s unfair because she definitely has experience as a professional dancer. Heather was in So YouContinue reading “Heather Morris’ Casting Causing Uproar For DWTS”

Lady Gaga Replaces Beyonce at Coachella!

Hello, #LittleMonsters !!!!! Lady Gaga announced via Twitter and IG that she is the CHOSEN ONE!!! She is replacing Beyoncé at the Coachella Music Festival. Due to doctor’s orders, #Beyonce had to pull out of the festival. She was set to be the first female headliner in 10 years. The last one to do soContinue reading “Lady Gaga Replaces Beyonce at Coachella!”

Adele Sweeps Grammys, Curses, Pays Tribute to George Michael, And Makes Queen Bey CRY!

Adele was nominated for 5 Grammy Awards last night…including the two MAIN awards of the night: Song of the Year, and Album of the Year. She. Won. Them. All. She won 5/5 awards. ’25’ was really epic–of course it had her super smash “Hello” also “Send my Love,”Water Under The Bridge,” and “All I ask”Continue reading “Adele Sweeps Grammys, Curses, Pays Tribute to George Michael, And Makes Queen Bey CRY!”

Nicki Minaj Sends Blue Ivy A Sweet Message!

So Cute!!!! Nicki Minaj sent soon to be big sister Blue Ivy Carter a very SWEET message via Instagram. It says: “This beautiful little lady bug is so smart & special.You guys have no idea! So Dear Blue, you are going to make an AMAZING big sister. Love Always, Nicki” Adorable 🙂

Kevin Federline DISSES Queen Bey!!!!

Remember Britney Spears’ XHUBBY Kevin Federline??? Well, he was at the Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez fight over the weekend…and he took to Twitter to SLAM Queen Beyoncé!!! He said: “So sad when a beautiful woman chops and screws her face up with Botox surgery.” HATERRRR! Thoughts? ‪#‎MagicAndDee‬ ‪#‎Beyonce‬ ‪#‎DeeGarciaRadio‬

This RiRi/Jay Z LIE almost RUINED Jay Z and Beyonce FOREVER!

Are you kidding me right now!? this LIE almost ruined Jay Z and Beyonce forever! Remember back when Rihanna FIRST came out..there was a rumor that she an Jay Z were hooking up?! Well, her former publicist Jonathan Hay told Inside Edition that it was ALL a lie told by HIM…in order to BOOST salesContinue reading “This RiRi/Jay Z LIE almost RUINED Jay Z and Beyonce FOREVER!”