Lady Gaga Debuts A New Song At Coachella!

This song sounds AWESOME! Lady Gaga debuted a new song at Coachella–it’s called “THE CURE” the nice & clear studio versions are being pulled off youtube SUPER FAST! Here she is performing it over the weekend. Thoughts? I’m loving it

Lady Gaga Replaces Beyonce at Coachella!

Hello, #LittleMonsters !!!!! Lady Gaga announced via Twitter and IG that she is the CHOSEN ONE!!! She is replacing BeyoncĂ© at the Coachella Music Festival. Due to doctor’s orders, #Beyonce had to pull out of the festival. She was set to be the first female headliner in 10 years. The last one to do soContinue reading “Lady Gaga Replaces Beyonce at Coachella!”