DeeGarciaRadio: Demi Lovato is Taking a Break in 2017! :(

Demi Lovato tweeted yesterday that she is taking a break from music and the spotlight. She said: “I am not meant for this business and the media” Here’s the tweet: This is hours after the release of her interview with Glamour–where she slammed Taylor Swift and her squad for 1. all being skinny and 2.Continue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Demi Lovato is Taking a Break in 2017! :(“

DeeGarciaRadio: Joe Jonas Got STUCK In An Elevator With DEMI LOVATO!!!!

Imagine you get stuck in an ELEVATOR–yeah! Horrible right? NOW imagine you get stuck in there….with your EX! That’s what happened to Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas–for FOUR hours. EEK! – Dee Garcia #DeesDirt #DeeGarciaRadio #JoeJonas #DNCE #DemiLovato #Demi