Johnny Depp Surprised Fans At Disneyland!

When people say Disneyland is magical–it’s not an exaggeration!!! Great things happen there…and last night was no exception. Johnny Depp surprised fans on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! Dressed full-on like Captain Jack Sparrow, he surprised dozens of riders as they passed along on their boats. If you’ve been on the ride, you knowContinue reading “Johnny Depp Surprised Fans At Disneyland!”

Will Beyonce Be In Disney’s Remake of “The Lion King?!”

Get ready, Beyhive!!!! THIS WOULD BE INCREDIBLE. I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Disney is releasing a live-action version of “The Lion King.” The company has been having incredible success with these remakes, including their most recent release “Beauty & the Beast,” which surpassed the original animated version’s entire lifetime gross of $218.9 million.Continue reading “Will Beyonce Be In Disney’s Remake of “The Lion King?!””

DeeGarciaRadio: You Can Now Get MARRIED At Disney World!

Talk about a DREAM COME TRUE! You can now have your very own Fairy Tale Wedding at Walt Disney World!!! It’s an after hours wedding (11PM–once the park closes)and you can have 300 guests at Cinderella’s Castle! You also get a horse drawn carriage ride down Main Street U.S.A. !!! The packages BEGIN at $180,000–yikes.Continue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: You Can Now Get MARRIED At Disney World!”