Did Drake Get a Girl Pregnant?!

This isn’t the first time women have claimed to be pregnant by him, but this time–it’s different for Drake. The woman is named (porn star) Sophie Brussaux and she has hired to lawyers in NYC for a paternity suit, as well as has released texts from Drake to TMZ. The texts say this: “Drake: IContinue reading “Did Drake Get a Girl Pregnant?!”

J.Lo Talks Younger Men…Does She Like HARRY STYLES!?

Jennifer Lopez is fire at 49!!!!! She’s so perfect, age doesn’t even matter with her. Which is great, because it looks like she may have a slight crush on One Direction’s Harry Styles!!!!!! Check out the “Who’d You Rather” segment she did on Ellen DeGeneres here: JLO also addressed being into YOUNGER men, she said:Continue reading “J.Lo Talks Younger Men…Does She Like HARRY STYLES!?”

Drake Gave J.Lo WHAT?!?! Poor Rihanna…

Somewhere out there, Rihanna needs a hug today. When she first found out that her ex-boyfriend Drake was dating Jennifer Lopez, she UNFOLLOWED JLO on social media! What will she do now??? E! News confirmed that J.Lo and Drake spent NYE together…and he also got her a little special something: A $100,000 NECKLACE! $100K…may beContinue reading “Drake Gave J.Lo WHAT?!?! Poor Rihanna…”

DeeGarciaRadio: Drake Spends MILLIONS to Get Rid of Neighbor–Find out WHY!

Well, that’s one way to handle noise complaints. Drake had already spend $7.7 million for his house, so what’s another $2.8 million? Drake purchased his 7 bedroom, nine bathroom mansion in Hidden Hills, CA in 2012. He’s been KNOWN to throw some crazy pool parties and one of his neighbors complained to the cops onContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Drake Spends MILLIONS to Get Rid of Neighbor–Find out WHY!”

DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna’s LOVEFEST was REAL in L.A.!!! Check out Pics & Video!

Drake had his Summer 16 Tour stop in Los Angeles on Saturday and he brought his girlfriend Rihanna on stage! They’re so cute & cuddly together! 😀 He said “L.A. I pray that you find somebody that holds you down like this woman right here.” He also called her “incredible, beautiful and talented.” Get yourselfContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna’s LOVEFEST was REAL in L.A.!!! Check out Pics & Video!”

DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna PERMANENTLY Prove Their Love with Tats!

I love these two together! Drake and Rihanna are adorable! I just hope they didn’t JINX their relationship. The two got MATCHING tattoos. It’s a camouflage shark–which they got because of a date they had. He took her to an aquarium and got her a little stuffed shark that looked like that: There’s the littleContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna PERMANENTLY Prove Their Love with Tats!”

2016 Grammy Nominations are IN! Who Made the CUT?! Highlights?

2016 Grammy Nominations are IN! Here are a few: Album of the Year: Alabama Shakes, Sound and Color Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly Chris Stapleton, Traveller Taylor Swift, 1989 The Weeknd, Beauty Behind the Madness Song of the Year Kendrick Lamar, “Alright” Taylor Swift, “Blank Space” Little Big Town, “Girl Crush” Wiz Kahifa feat.Continue reading “2016 Grammy Nominations are IN! Who Made the CUT?! Highlights?”

Meek Mill Throws SHADE at Drake (AGAIN!)

Meek Mill is still trying. Why would he do this again?!!?! He threw some shade (again) at DRAKE over the weekend at his Philly concert. He made fun of Drizzy’s “Hotline Bling” dance moves: “You ain’t gonna have me up on here looking like Drake on this motherf**king stage. N**ga’s got two left feet.” Oh, IContinue reading “Meek Mill Throws SHADE at Drake (AGAIN!)”