22 Were Killed After An Ariana Show in England: Here’s What We Know.

More details have been revealed since the terrorist attack that happened in Manchester, England after the Ariana Grande concert. Here’s what we know: – Children are among the 22 dead, including 8 year old Saffie Rose Roussos, and 16 year old Georgina Callander–the first confirmed victims. – A man detonated an improvised explosive device asContinue reading “22 Were Killed After An Ariana Show in England: Here’s What We Know.”

Adele Sings In a Poncho!

  OMG!!!! Adele is just the best! She was performing in New Zealand at an outdoor venue, in the middle of the pouring rain (thanks to Cyclone Debbie) At first, she was just powering through it–then a fan gave her a poncho. Then this happened! She’s so cute 😍 <#adele #adelelovex> A post shared byContinue reading “Adele Sings In a Poncho!”

Kim K Talks Paris Robber Nightmare :(

It finally AIRED! The episode where Kim Kardashian West shared what happened to her during the Paris robbery four months ago. She told her family she heard footsteps pounding up the stairs: “My heart started to get really tense. I knew something wasn’t quite right.” At one point “I was looking at the gun, lookingContinue reading “Kim K Talks Paris Robber Nightmare :(“

Jennifer Lopez Is Dating AROD!

*NEW COUPLE ALERT* Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. E! News confirmed that the two have been dating for a few weeks. A source shared: “This is very, very new. It’s not serious at all. J.Lo is just dating. Jennifer and Alex are both not looking for a relationship, just a good light-hearted time. They areContinue reading “Jennifer Lopez Is Dating AROD!”

Katy Perry Cuts Off Her HAIR!

Yup. She’s definitely a single woman again! Katy Perry just did it. The biggest indicator that something HUGE happened to a woman is her hair. Katy cut it ALL off a la Miley Cyrus. Thoughts on the new hair? She and Orlando Bloom are definitely on good terms, though…check out her tweet: Well good forContinue reading “Katy Perry Cuts Off Her HAIR!”

Khloe’s X Speaks Out About Their Breakup #UGH

Khloé Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend James Harden dated for 8 months and broke up last February. Khloe revealed it was because he cheated: “He sought me out, wanted to be committed, then wasn’t committed.” He just now spoke out about their relationship saying he didn’t understand the media frenzy around them: “I feel like it was forContinue reading “Khloe’s X Speaks Out About Their Breakup #UGH”

Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations

Well, we can’t say EVERYONE was happy for Casey Affleck when he won the Best Actor #OSCAR on Sunday. Back in 2010, he was involved in a lawsuit filed by two women that claimed he sexually harassed them while they worked with him on the set of the movie “I’m Still Here.” He spoke outContinue reading “Casey Affleck Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations”

Karrueche Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown

Clearly, there’s a pattern here. Chris Brown hits women. A judge has ordered Chris to stay 100 yards away from his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. According to the Associated Press, this is coming after he allegedly threatened her repeatedly. He cannot attempt to contact her in any way and he also had to surrender any gunsContinue reading “Karrueche Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown”

Ed Sheeran Releases A New Music Video! Check It Out!

Ed Sheeran released a new music video! It’s for his song “Castle On The Hill” Check it out here: Love this one AND “Shape of You!” So glad to have Ed back. #SmasherAndDee #EdSheeran #CastleOnTheHill #MusicVideo #HollywoodHookup #DeesDirt #DeeGarciaRadio