It’s baaaaaaaaaaack!
THIS is American Idol!!!
ABC Television Network confirmed on Good Morning America that the singing competition WILL return.
The question is who will judge? And…now that Ryan Seacrest is hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan with Kelly Ripa–will he still host Idol??
Is it Idol without Ryan?

And Would you like to see the original judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul OR the final lineup Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr, and Keith Urban???

Will you watch? Are you excited for the return?


Oh you KNOW it’s getting serious now!
Jennifer Lopez has officially introduced her new man, Alex Rodriguez, to her MOTHER!

They were spotted walking around NYC together, smiling!
Check the pic out here:

#JLo has also spent time with HIS family, namely his sister Susy Dunand.
Susy posted some pics on social media and referred to Jenny as her “cuñi” nickname for “cuñada” which means sister in law!
Sounds like the families approve!

It really seems like things are heating up between A-Rod and J.Lo!!!! J-Rod? A-Lo?

The two have been–but things seem to be getting serious.

Alex Rodriguez, 41, talked about his boo Jennifer Lopez, 47, on ‘The View’ this morning.
He said “It’s obvious. We’ve been having a great time. She’s an amazing, amazing girl. One of the smartest human beings I’ve ever met and also an incredible mother.”

They’ve been jetsetting too–they’ve been in Miami, Cali, NYC and Bahamas together.

He went on to reveal J.Lo is a Yankees fan and “she just likes simple things. I mean, she’s a very, very simple person. Loves family. Is a great sister. Is a great daughter.”

He ALSO revealed Jenny’s biggest cheat foods: chocolate chip cookies and ice cream.
So she IS human!

Friends tell E!News the two are very well suited for one another–it definitely seems like it.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

E! News confirmed that the two have been dating for a few weeks.
A source shared: “This is very, very new. It’s not serious at all. J.Lo is just dating. Jennifer and Alex are both not looking for a relationship, just a good light-hearted time. They are on the exact same page.”
Thoughts on these two together?

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Jennifer Lopez is fire at 49!!!!!

She’s so perfect, age doesn’t even matter with her.
Which is great, because it looks like she may have a slight crush on One Direction’s Harry Styles!!!!!!
Check out the “Who’d You Rather” segment she did on Ellen DeGeneres here:

JLO also addressed being into YOUNGER men, she said:

“”OK, first of all, stop! I don’t date younger men. It’s not like you have to be younger. It’s not about that. I just meet people, and then if I go out with them, I go out with them. And if I like them, I like them. And if I don’t, I don’t. It’s about the person. It’s about who they are, it has nothing to do with age.”

They also have to be between 25-35 lol 😉



Somewhere out there, Rihanna needs a hug today.

When she first found out that her ex-boyfriend Drake was dating Jennifer Lopez, she UNFOLLOWED JLO on social media!
What will she do now???

E! News confirmed that J.Lo and Drake spent NYE together…and he also got her a little special something:
A $100,000 NECKLACE!

$100K…may be a little excessive at the beginning of a relationship–don’t you think?

Poor RiRi….she’s going to LOSE IT!