Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Lost 100K Followers

Kim Kardashian West is losing followers by the tens of thousands! She has lost 100K followers since a number of un-airbrushed photos have hit social media. The paparazzi captured photos that showed that Kim (like 95% of people in the world) has cellulite. A lot of her followers have turned against her–some saying she’s beenContinue reading “Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Lost 100K Followers”

Kim Kardashian Thanks Calls The Flu “Amazing” –Why?

Well, that’s ONE way to look at the flu. Kim Kardashian West tweeted out “The flu can be an amazing diet. So happy it came in time for the Met lol #6lbsdown” It’s definitely not an original thought– Emily Blunt’s character in The Devil Wears Prada said “I’m one stomach flu away from my goalContinue reading “Kim Kardashian Thanks Calls The Flu “Amazing” –Why?”

Kim K Talks Paris Robber Nightmare :(

It finally AIRED! The episode where Kim Kardashian West shared what happened to her during the Paris robbery four months ago. She told her family she heard footsteps pounding up the stairs: “My heart started to get really tense. I knew something wasn’t quite right.” At one point “I was looking at the gun, lookingContinue reading “Kim K Talks Paris Robber Nightmare :(“

Kanye West Now Has A KIDS Clothing Line!

Kanye West now has a clothing line for KIDS! It was actually a group effort too–Kanye designed this with the help of Kim Kardashian and their daughter North! North is VERY excited to be modeling it too! Check out more of the photos/videos here:¬† Not going to lie, North looks adorable in this dress andContinue reading “Kanye West Now Has A KIDS Clothing Line!”

Kim & Kanye Are No Longer Doing “It.”

It’s your #HollywoodHookup with #SmasherAndDee !!! Radar Online is reporting that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West have been having major issues….because they’re never INTIMATE anymore!!!! :-O Sources say he constantly complains about it, but she says it’s because she’s not over being robbed at gunpoint. Sounds like PTSD? Who do you feel for here?Continue reading “Kim & Kanye Are No Longer Doing “It.””

DeeGarciaRadio: Kanye’s ORIGINAL ‘FAMOUS’ Are Even MEANER To Taylor Swift!

Remember the Kanye West song that started all the drama between him and Taylor Swift? the lyrics: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b* famous.” well, those were NOT the original lyrics. An earlier recording of the song surfaced online yesterday. The lyrics: I feel like TaylorContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Kanye’s ORIGINAL ‘FAMOUS’ Are Even MEANER To Taylor Swift!”

DeeGarciaRadio: Hillary Clinton Weighs In On Kim Kardashian Robbery!

Of a the things to ask her….. A.J. Calloway of Extra asked her this…SMH! He asked potential president Hillary Clinton about Kim Kardashian West’s robbery! Her response: “I felt really bad for her. Her husband was in the middle of the concert and he ran offstage, bless his heart. It’s horrible. I’m just glad nobodyContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Hillary Clinton Weighs In On Kim Kardashian Robbery!”

DeeGarciaRadio: Kim Kardashian Says She Didn’t “SHADE” Taylor Swift….Umm?

I mean, she blasted her on snapchat–how is that not SHADE?! Kim Kardashian West covered Wonderland Magazine….during her interview she said: “I never publicly talk bad about people. I still don’t feel like I have. I’m being honest. I’m a fan. I like her music. There was no shade.” What part of the world wasContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Kim Kardashian Says She Didn’t “SHADE” Taylor Swift….Umm?”

DeeGarciaRadio: Man Tries to JUMP onto Kanye’s Floating Stage! Check out the Video~

Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour stop in Atlanta was EVENTFUL! Kanye performs on a floating stage above the audience and one fan tried to jump ONTO the platform! He was basically HANGING off the thing, when Kanye just waved no, and DOWN he went! The guy just releases himself to the ground! I don’t knowContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Man Tries to JUMP onto Kanye’s Floating Stage! Check out the Video~”