Rihanna Receives Harvard’s Humanitarian Award!

Awesome! Congrats to Rihanna! She was named Harvard University’s 2017 Humanitarian of the year yesterday. Back in 2012, she founded the Clara Lionel Foundation which helps disadvantaged communities around the world. She traveled to Malawi on behalf of the foundation to meet with government officials, students, teachers and mentors too. The Director of the HarvardContinue reading “Rihanna Receives Harvard’s Humanitarian Award!”

Karrueche Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown

Clearly, there’s a pattern here. Chris Brown hits women. A judge has ordered Chris to stay 100 yards away from his ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. According to the Associated Press, this is coming after he allegedly threatened her repeatedly. He cannot attempt to contact her in any way and he also had to surrender any gunsContinue reading “Karrueche Gets Restraining Order Against Chris Brown”

Drake Gave J.Lo WHAT?!?! Poor Rihanna…

Somewhere out there, Rihanna needs a hug today. When she first found out that her ex-boyfriend Drake was dating Jennifer Lopez, she UNFOLLOWED JLO on social media! What will she do now??? E! News confirmed that J.Lo and Drake spent NYE together…and he also got her a little special something: A $100,000 NECKLACE! $100K…may beContinue reading “Drake Gave J.Lo WHAT?!?! Poor Rihanna…”

You Have To Hear The 80’s Ballad Version of Rihanna/Calvin Harris “This Is What You Came For!”

The best thing you will hear all day!!! Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s “This Is What You Came For” has been remixed into an 80’s POWER BALLAD! YESSSSSSSSSS! It sounds 100% on point…am I the only one who kind of likes this version better?! LOL – Dee Garcia #Rihanna #RiRi #CalvinHarris #ThisIsWhatYouCameFor #80sPowerBallad #DeesDirt #DeeGarciaRadio

DeeGarciaRadio: Calvin Gives Taylor a DOUBLE TAP Peace Offering!

A DOUBLE TAP OF PEACE has been offered! It’s been a tough couple of months for Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift. They broke up in June, she started dating Tom Hiddleston two weeks later, he went IN on her on Twitter, she leaked SHE wrote “This Is What You Came For…” But it seems likeContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Calvin Gives Taylor a DOUBLE TAP Peace Offering!”

DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna’s LOVEFEST was REAL in L.A.!!! Check out Pics & Video!

Drake had his Summer 16 Tour stop in Los Angeles on Saturday and he brought his girlfriend Rihanna on stage! They’re so cute & cuddly together! 😀 He said “L.A. I pray that you find somebody that holds you down like this woman right here.” He also called her “incredible, beautiful and talented.” Get yourselfContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna’s LOVEFEST was REAL in L.A.!!! Check out Pics & Video!”

DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna PERMANENTLY Prove Their Love with Tats!

I love these two together! Drake and Rihanna are adorable! I just hope they didn’t JINX their relationship. The two got MATCHING tattoos. It’s a camouflage shark–which they got because of a date they had. He took her to an aquarium and got her a little stuffed shark that looked like that: There’s the littleContinue reading “DeeGarciaRadio: Drake and Rihanna PERMANENTLY Prove Their Love with Tats!”

This RiRi/Jay Z LIE almost RUINED Jay Z and Beyonce FOREVER!

Are you kidding me right now!? this LIE almost ruined Jay Z and Beyonce forever! Remember back when Rihanna FIRST came out..there was a rumor that she an Jay Z were hooking up?! Well, her former publicist Jonathan Hay told Inside Edition that it was ALL a lie told by HIM…in order to BOOST salesContinue reading “This RiRi/Jay Z LIE almost RUINED Jay Z and Beyonce FOREVER!”