Ed Sheeran Does “Shape Of You” with Classroom Instruments!

YES!! This ‘classroom instruments’ version of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” is AWESOME! Love that segment on Jimmy Fallon!

Is Ed Sheeran Getting MARRIED??!?!!

Could Ed Sheeran be walking down the aisle soon?! Sounds like it. He is beyond happy with his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn! During an interview he revealed “we live together now, we just got cats.” When he was asked if the relationship was a ‘marriage thing’ he said “yeah I feel pretty good about it.” SOContinue reading “Is Ed Sheeran Getting MARRIED??!?!!”

Ed Sheeran Releases New Music Video!

Earlier this morning, Ed Sheeran released a music video for his new song “Shape Of You” The lyrics say: “I’m in love with the shape of you, I’m in love with your body.” BUUUUT it should have said I’m in love with the shape of ME! Because the video seems to be about HIS body…whichContinue reading “Ed Sheeran Releases New Music Video!”

Ed Sheeran Releases A New Music Video! Check It Out!

Ed Sheeran released a new music video! It’s for his song “Castle On The Hill” Check it out here: Love this one AND “Shape of You!” So glad to have Ed back. #SmasherAndDee #EdSheeran #CastleOnTheHill #MusicVideo #HollywoodHookup #DeesDirt #DeeGarciaRadio