Kanye & Wiz: SQUASHED the BEEF! (that was quick!)

            Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa are buds again! After the drama on Twitter last week, Kanye tweeted this: “Me and Wiz spoke yesterday. Great convo. All positive.” Wiz also confirmed in an interview, saying: “Everything’s cool, we spoke, it’s all good.” And then Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian WestContinue reading “Kanye & Wiz: SQUASHED the BEEF! (that was quick!)”

Kanye Battles Wiz…But AMBER ROSE SHUTS IT ALL DOWN! YE Responds!

Kanye ripped Wiz Khalifa to SHREADS on twitter after Wiz criticized Ye changing the name of his album to Waves. Ye went into Wiz, his music, Amber, AND their son. So AMBER, as expected…clapped back–> She said KANYE was just mad she wasn’t there anymore to stick a finger in his booty! EEK. Kanye WestContinue reading “Kanye Battles Wiz…But AMBER ROSE SHUTS IT ALL DOWN! YE Responds!”