Chris Brown is in JAIL (For at LEAST a Month!)

OH NO!!! TMZ is reporting that Chris Brown will stay in jail until April 23rd after the judge SHUT DOWN Chris’ lawyer’s request for release. He was kicked out of court ordered rehab… Continue reading

Kanye Strikes Deal: Community Service & Anger Management!

Kanye West is one lucky duck!!!!! If you never saw the video of him attacking a paparazzi and taking his camera back in July 2013- check it out HERE: After THAT incident… Continue reading

Chris Brown is in JAIL! Find out the whole story HERE!

Chris Brown is being held in jail WITHOUT BAIL because he got kicked out of the rehab facility he was ORDERED to be in by a judge. It is not known yet WHY… Continue reading

Bill O’Reilly calls out Beyonce: You’re a BAD ROLE MODEL!

Well it looks like Bill O’Reilly isn’t shy about expressing his opinions on Queen Beyoncé. I guess he doesn’t hold back on ANYTHING! but still, he called Bey’s new “Partition” video “exploitive garbage.”… Continue reading

Who would J.Lo save from drowning: Diddy or Ben Affleck?! LOL

Jennifer Lopez spent some time in Los Angeles with radio personality Big Boy! He asked her if she was in the middle of the ocean on a raft who she would save: Ben… Continue reading

John Legend’s Wife model Chrissy Teigen posts nudie on Instagram!

Sports illustrated model/ John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigenposted a fully nude pic on Instagram. She didn’t really SHOW anything but she did get haters. Do you agree with the comment? BTW Chrissy’s response… Continue reading

Luda wants FULL CUSTODY of his baby! Find out WHY!

Is this Ludacris’ way of NOT having to pay $7k in child support a month?! A court recently decided to meet in the middle of what Luda wanted to pay and what his… Continue reading

Miley kisses Katy Perry–but Katy does NOT like it!

She kissed a girl and DID NOT LIKE IT! Miley Cyrus planted a big ol wet one on Katy Perry during her Bangerz concert in LA. Everything was fine and dandy til Miley… Continue reading

Chris Brown Honored for his Charity Work!

Things are looking UP for Chris Brown!!!!!! He is not only done with his 90 day stint in rehab (though he’s reportedly staying voluntarily) and on Friday he was honored for his charity… Continue reading

Floyd takes ANOTHER WOMAN to the Lakers Game!

In December, Floyd Mayweather ranted and raved about his fiance Miss Jackson and how he was 100% with HER ONLY. Um.. guess not? Over the weekend he watched the Lakers vs. Celtics with… Continue reading